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                                   Rossendale's Centura

                                                       Bred Jan. 2017

         Parents Rossendale's Lily (Blue) & Rossendale's Brodie ( Agouti)

Centura along with his brother Proxima (Opal).  Have been to a few shows as U/5 both doing well for them selves. Looking forward to taking them out as Adults soon.

                                     Rossendale's Regan           

                                    Bred June 2016 

      Dam Rossendale's Freya & Rossendale's Armstrong

     Regan Best of Breed French Lop U/5 Worcester Nov. 2016 NFDLC SS.

         This young man are maturing nicely & will be out & about very soon.

                               Rossendale's Arnott

                                     Bred April 2016

                            Dam Rossendale's Oreo Ag


            Sire Supreme Champion Western Star Rew

Arnott did well for himself as an U/5. He went Best Lop @ Keightley Ag Show Runner up Best in Show Best  French U/5 NFDLC West Midland Champs Show. He also managed quite a few Best  U/5 Challenges up  & down.

Arnott has matured in to a lovely strong Adult.We have had him out & about early 2017. His best achievement to date,runner up Best in Show at East Lancs in April. He has enough coms to claim his Supreme Championship from the NFDLC. He is on his way to winning his Double.

                              Bradford 2017 Runner up Best of Breed

                                 Rossendale's Perez

                                  Bred February 2016

                   Dam Rossendale's Daff Ag Butterfly

                         Sire Rossendale's Wycliff Ag

This young man was one of those babies that shone from the day he stepped out of the nest. "Look at me here I come" He has been well received on the Judging Table. It took him a while to come in to  coat, but when he did it was worth the wait.  He has an abundance of guard hairs.At present he is maturing into a Beautiful Adult.

Well here we are it's April & we are still  waiting for Perez to clear his coat.

                           I am sure he will be out & about again soon

                            Rossendales Wallender       

                                  Born January 2016

                        Dam Rossendale's Arianda St

    Sire Rossendale's Supreme Champion Caspian  Rew

Wallender is litter sister to Rossendales Venus St Doe .Wallender loves to go to shows, he can hold his own in company, but always seems to be the Bridesmaid Lol.

                                Wallender is now living with Alma 

                                  Rossendale's Lucian

                                 Born Autumn 2016

               Dam Rossendales Rossendale's Rio Ag

                         Sire Rossendale's Maverick.

Lucian is bred from Maverick, We did this mating to get right back to Rossendale's lines. His Grandad is our very dear old friend Drummer Boy he was one of the 1st Ag we bred to do well for himself. His Gt Grandad is the memorable Butterfly Mistake. He is litter brother to our 2 lovely girls Rossendale' s Freya & Almera. We have mated him to an Agouti Doe so hopefully  there will be something very nice in there.

We haven't taken him to many shows, but he did go Best of Breed U/5 at Bradford 2016

                                 Rossendale's Wycliffe

                                                      Born April 2016

                                               Dam Rossendale's Jac St.

                                    Sire Rossendale's Idaho Chin Butterfly.

Rossendales  Deutz


Agouti Butterfly

Bred here at Tor View Autumn 2014

Deutz had a rough start to life his mum had no milk, so we fostered him & 2 more on to a Mini Lop Lucy she only had 1 kit herself she did a sterling job rearing them .

By the time they where ready for weaning the French where not far of being has big has there foster mum.

Dacia our Opal Doe is litter mate to Deutz, they have both made fine strapping adults.

He as been to a few shows up to now. He gets good comments on his type definition & Butterfly markings we are hoping to have a few more Butterflies on the show table very soon


Sidley Agouti Buck

Bred @ High Hill

Bred from Pixo & Southern Buck

Sidley is litter brother to Armstrong, we didn't take this lad  to Harrogate he made his debut at Huddersfield Feb 2014. Under the same judge that had judged the youngsters at Harrogate ( Phil Batey) He beat his brother Armstrong & won the U/5 Challenge.

We took Sidley down to the London Champs  2014  where he won a very strong class of Agoutis going on to be runner up Best AA French beaten by his stable mate Dynanique.

We have now decided to use Sidley has a stud Buck he has just sired his 1st litter & very nice they are to. feeling Happy.

                                  Sildley  sadly passed away Early 2017

Supreme Champion Armstrong

Armstrong Agouti Buck

Bred at High Hill

Bred from Pixo & Southern Buck.

Armstrong is litter brother to Sidley pictured above. He made his debut at Harrogate 2014 he won the Agouti Class but had to give way to his other litter brother Endevour Rew who we sadly lost not to long after.

Armstrong had a cracking summer 2014 going Best in Show at the North Lonsdale  Agricultural  show, A week later he went Best in Show at the Yorkshire Lop Summer Stock Show. On the same day at Emely Agricultural show he went Best Lop Runner up Best  Adult 3rd Best any Age Grand Challenge

After a couple of weeks rest of we went to the all Lop Show at Coventry. He was Best French Lop in Both  the NFDLC & the Midland Lop.

Runner up Best in show NFDLC 3rd Best in show in the Midland Lop

Best French Lop NFDLC Doncaster 2014

Best Lop Bradford 2015

Best in Show East Lancs February 2015

Every one that meets Armstrong falls in love with him he is a big soft Teddy Bear.

Armstrong is now retired from Showing. He is kept busy with his new found duties of Stud Buck. He is father to Rossendale's Regan & Sweeney

He has also  sired a litter to our Black Butterfly (Lottie) early days yet but they look very promising.

Rossendales Maverick

Maverick is Drummer Boys son he has come out of retirement to help us to rescue Drummer Boys line. Sadly we almost  lost this particular line, He was a very special Boy to Arnold & I so hopefully Maverick will help us get the line back on course this line goes back to the very handsome Import Buck Mistake.

    We now have Maverick babies very pleased, Agouti & Agouti Butterflies.


                              Rossendales Lucian "Agouti Butterfly Buck"

                                  went Best of Breed U/5 Bradford 2016

                     We have also kept 2 x Butterfly Does  from this litter

                                            Rossendales Freya & Almeria

Freya & Almeria have both now had litters. Freya & Armstrong Rossendale's Regan & Sweeney. Almeria has a litter at present sired by our Steel Buck Rossendale's Panamara all little crackers (well not really little they are huge.)

  Some of Our older Agoutis,

that are the back bone of our lines today


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