Rossendale Stud 

Home to many Supreme Champions
 Award winning French & Mini Lops

       Tor View Lops               

                                     Rossendale's Thyme

          Born January 2017

   Dam Rossendale's Lily Blue

Sire Rossendale's Brodie Agouti

                                       Rossendale's Pixie


          Born January 2017

Sire Rossendale's Brodie Agouti

    Dam Rossendale's Lily Blue

                                  Rossendale's Charlotte

        Born January 2017

  Sire Rossendale's  Supreme

 Champion Armstrong Agouti

Dam Rossendale's Charlie Rew

                                     Rossendale's Lottie

           Born June 2016

Dam Rossendale's Charlie Rew

       Sire Rossendales Tigra

               Or Butterfly

Lottie is proving to be an

          excellent Mum.

                                        Rossedale's Lily

                        Rossendale's Freya & Almera 

                                   Agouti Butterflies                 

                  Looking forward to these 2 having there 1st litters soon

  Rossendale's Charlie

          Bred Summer 2015

Bred from Alma's Lottie & our Supreme Champion Casper 

We also have her litter brother 

       Rossendale's Casper        

    Rossedales Oreo


          Bred March 2015

Bred from Freda, Litter sister to

      Rossendales Manatoba

She has just given Birth to her

    1st litter of 6  March 2016

 Rossendales Ariandi

         Bred March 2015

This lovely Doe litter sister   to 




     Panamara & Plutonium

She has just had her 1st litter only 2 babies, one of them being our young Steel Doe

          Rossendales Venus. 

       Rossendales Rio

                 Bred 2014 


We mated Rio to Maverick the Butterfly we brought out of retirement from Almas.

She produced some cracking babies that take us back to our old faithful Buck Drummer Boy & also the much loved Import Buck Mistake

                  We have kept back 3 Agouti Butterflies 1 Buck & 2 Does

              Rossendales Lucian, Rossendales Freya, & Rossendales Almera.

                        Sadly Rio Passed away giving Birth to he 2nd litter

   Rossendales Freda

                Bred 2014

Freda has had her 1st litter mated to Rossendales Tigra

We have kept 3 youngsters     


             from her 

     Rossendales Manitoba

                & a Doe 

       Rossendales Oreo.

Now retired living with Alma

  Rossendales Daphne

                Bred 2014

Daphne has produced us some lovely Babies.

            Our Agouti Buck

           Rossendale's Perez


  Our Orange Butterfly Buck

        Rossendale's Devlin 


Rossendales Jill & Jac

 Bred here at Tor View from Rossendales Jettison & Rossendales Joey

They have both had 2 litters. In Jac's 1st litter mated to Rossendales Corsa she produced our multi Best in Show Steel Buck Rossendales Troy & his brother Jet. Jill in her 1st litter we kept back Rossendales Merlo.

There second litters produced , Jac Rossendales Wycliffe. Jill our 2 young Steel Bucks Rossendales  Plutonium,  & Panamara. also a Doe Rossendales Ariandi

Sadly we lost Jill late 2015.

Jac is also mother to our 2 young Steel Bucks Rossendales Titan & Thor.

Jac is now retired living with Alma


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