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            Rossendales " Supreme Champion Lamborghini


                              Opal Butterfly Bred 09

        Parents Rossendales Supreme Champion Minataur & Rossendales Melody

This handsome young man seems to be following in fathers foot steps he has already made a good impression shown U/5. He is staying at home for a while now untill he matures. Lamborghini did us proud winning the Adult French Lop NFDLC  ASS out of  21 at coventry Oct. 10.

He has now joined his father in the hall of fame, he is our 2nd home bred Buck to achieve his Supreme Championship awarded by the National French & Dwarf Lop Club.

       Here's Lamborghini Enjoying his retirement Spring 2012


                 Sadly Lamborghini passed away Early 2013

          Rossendales "Double Champion Drummer Boy"


                             Agouti Bred at Tor View 2008

                        Parents Rossendales Carrys & Mistake

Drummer Boy has now retired from showing, He did us proud,He went to Bradford 3 years on the run always managed a card 2010 he was 2nd & 2011 3rd  amongst some 1st class Agoutis. He has achieved countless CC stars & many Best of Breeds.He was very slow to develop but he certainly made a 1st class Adult. He is such a character always straight up the door for a fuss unless he see's the comb in my hand then he is of to the back corner of his hutch out of reach. He has sired us some smashing youngsters over the last few years , He is now at High Hill where we hope he will carry on his good work I am sure Mark will keep him busy Lol.

    Sadly we lost Drommer Boy Early 2013 RIP Old Boy xx


The Bucks below have now moved to pastures new. Some have gone to help fellow Breeders improve there own lines, some have been retired has pets. All have played a big part in helping us to create the Stock we have today.
                                   Rossendales Eli



                      Opal Butterfly Home Bred at Tor View 2008

                                    Parents Maurice & Louise 

Eli is a fantastic young Buck . He did us proud when shown as an U/5. winning Bob at The Yorkshire Humberside Stock Show in Dec. He also gained Bob at a few open shows. Eli is now 12 months old, He is maturing nicely. He is making a massive size. He is just finishing a long moult. We took him to the East Lancs 3* Show in June 09. Where he took Best of Breed out of 14.

Eli has proved to be an excellent Stud Buck. He didn't much like the show table a bit of a grumpy old man, he would much rather stay at home & look after his girlfriends. Not daft our Eli knows whats best for him x

                                       Eli is now at Almas

                         Sadly Eli Passed away Summer 2013

He well @ truely left his Mark, I can see him so much in our young Opal Butterfly Buck Shoremonts Saab. He doesn't snore like his dad yet but there's time Lol  

                      Rossendales "Champion Jenson"


                            Agouti Bred here at Tor View 08

                        Parents Rossendales Carrys & Pepper

Jenson is litter brother to Millicent,He has been to a couple of shows & won his classes. He hasn't managed a CC . He has always been pipped at the post by his half Brother, Rossendales Drummer Boy. I am sure when he matures he will give Drummer Boy a run for his money LOL.

Rossendales Jenson went to his 1st Show has an Adult on May 17th 09. And yes he did beat Drummer Boy !! He also went on to win Best of Breed out of 12. Certificate of Merit awarded by the National French & Dwarf Lop Club. He then went on to win a Diploma for the Best Adult Lop in Show. All at 8 Months old

                                         What A Star !!!

                     Jenson spent his retirement with Alma

                                 Rossendales Roland


              Squirrel Butterfly Bred here at Tor View early 09

                        Parents Monica & Rossendales Galaxy

We are hoping to use Roland very soon in our Chocolate Project. He will be Bred to a Self Chocolate Doe. By doing this we hope to put our own Butterfly pattern into our Chocolates.He has been shown lightly has an U/5 doing very well.

                                  Another of Almas Boys

                                  Rossendales Zantos


                     Blue Self Bred here at Tor View early 08

            Parents Blue John & Aztec both imports from Holland

Zantos is now retired & living a life of luxury with my Niece Jacquline, he lives in the Stable with 2 lovely horses.

Zantos is litter brother to Artizan our young Blue Self Doe. We have shown him as an U/5. He did really well achiving several 1st,  several CC* ,He also managed a BOB beating all the adult entries on the day.We are very proud of him. He will be staying at home now for a while to let him mature into Adult hood.  He will also be a great assett to improving our Blue lines                                                                                     

                                     Rossendales Galaxy


                     Chocolate Bred here at Tor View Oct 07

Here we have Galaxy what a surprise he was, we had no idea there was Chocolate in our lines.But then again Rosie Malone has never failed to amaze us.She really is the most fantastic Doe.

Galaxy has been mated to quite a few of our big typey Does, we have created some really good sized Chocolate carriers.He only made 8lbs in weight, but what he lacked in size he made up for in many other ways. He has a cracking head, good strong Shoulders, & nice chunky front legs.

It's now time for him to step down & our new Chocolate import (Bandit) will hopefully carry on by putting the size into our Chocolate lines.

Galaxy has now been nutered, He will stay here has a pet, we are hoping he will live with our lovely old Mini Lop Doe Maggie.


           Age 7 Mnts.                               Age 14 Mnts


        Chocolate Self Bred in Holland By Claudine Ester. early 09

                                   Gone to pastures new

Bandit came to us courtesy of our Good friend Phil Batey.He was hand picked by Phil. We are hopeing he will take over where our dear Galaxy left of. We have produced several large carriers to use him to. He has done us proud with his 1st litter from Rossendales Annabelle. We have kept 2 Does from the litter Rossendales Annalucia,& Rossendales Angelina. Bandit is making a very, very, big boy, we are very Pleased with him.

                                             Thanks Phil x

                               Rossendales Baby Brad

                    Bred from Monica & Bradley


               Opal Buck Bred 2008

                             Gone to live as a house Rabbit

Baby Brad is litter brother to Brads Lad, He was bred here at Tor View in September 2008. He went to live with our dear friend Kirstie at Looking Glass Lops. Kirstie kindly offered him back to us at Christmas time, due to wanting to concentrate on her fabulous Steel lines & of course those beautiful English Lops of hers. We are happy to have him back due to not being able to show his brother with his nick in his ear. We took him out for the 1 st time beginning of March, he picked up the CC. He could do to clear his coat properly. He is a very big boy Both him & his brother are around the 17 lb mark. ( not for the faint hearted Lol)

                            Rossendales Jack Frost


                                           Frostie Point

                       Bred from Monica & Rossendales Zach

We fell in love with Jack Frost so decided to keep him. Of course we won't be able to show him due to his colour. He is a nice typey, chunky, young man with a lovely temperament. We are sure he will add a little bit of excitement into our Breeding one day.(who knows?) Lol.

Jack Frost has gone to a fellow breeder where I am sure he will life to the full Lol x

                               Rossendales Brads Lad


                        Opal Bred here at Tor View 2008

                              Parents Monica & Bradley

Brads Lad is making a huge, huge, Rabbit just like his dad. He has sired his 1st litter to Millicent there are 9 Kits Opals,Opal Butterflies, Agoutis, & Agouti Butterflies.We have kept back Rossendales Ferarri our Agouti Butterfly.

Unfortunatly we are unable to show this big boy, due to him having nicked his ear while galloping round the garden.

Time as come for Brads lad to retire & where better to go than up to Carlise to live with Alma.

                                  Rossendales Lotus


                                   Opal Butterfly Buck

           Bred from Rossendales Minataur & Rossendales Melody

Lotus is now living the life of a lord with Alma in Carlisle. Along with Lexus & Xanadoo. I am so grateful to Alma & her family for giving these lovely Rabbits the 2nd chance they so very much deserve.

Thankyou so much Alma . It helps so much knowing  that these little stars will be Happy. xx

Rossendales Lexus


                                     Chinchilla Butterfly

          Bred from Rossendales Millicent & Rossendales Jethroe

We sadly had to make the decision to pet home Lexus. He wasn't happy being exhibited. He always got very stressed  & his eyes would start to run. It was unfair on him. He is now living in Carlisle with Alma & her family. He will be very happy there I am sure. x

                                       Thanks Alma x

                                    Rossendales Xanadoo


                      Blue Self Bred at Tor View Early 09

            Parents Rossendales Azalea & Rossendales Zantos

Xanadoo is a lovely Rabbit He did well for us has a youngster gaining his Silver Diploma from the Brc at a very young age. He won the Self class at London 5* Show 2009 & was 3rd in the French Lop Challenge. However has he matured his dewlap grew to big for him to be shown anymore, so we decided he would be better of going as a pet. He has gone to his new home & I am sure he will be much loved x



                              Blue Self Bred in Holland 2009

             Zetec has sired his 1st litter to our young Blue Doe Eliza.

                                      Rossendales Zorba


                           Blue Self Bred here Early 09

              Parents Rossendales Azalea & Rossendales Zantos

Zorba is litter Brother to our own Eliza & Xanadoo. He is now living in Wiltshire with Guy & Anita. Lets hope he produces some show winners for them.

                                 Rossendales Aston


Agouti Butterfly litter Brother to Rossendales Millicent,& Jenson

                    Parents Rossendales Carrys & Pepper

Aston is now living in Bonny Scotland. He has gone to live with Mathew & Janet in Selkirk. We hope he produces some nice typey Kits for them soon.

                         Rossendales Zachariah ( Zach)


                            Blue Self Bred here at Tor View March 08

                                    Parents Blue John & Karla

Zach as now gone to pastures new, he has gone to Forfar Scotland to our good friends Jude & Jim at Lunhead Lops.

                                     Rossendales Jacob


                         Black Self Bred here at TorView Lops

                         Parents Beauty & Rossendales Galaxy

Rossendales Jacob will be leaving us early June . He of up North to live with  Mandy at Stars Stud

                                     Rossendales Elliot


                     Rew Bred here at Tor View Lops 2008

                  Parents Miss Ellie & Rossendales Freddie

After much deliberation we have decided to rehome Elliot, He is of to Bangor to live with Pia at the end of May.

                                     Rossendales Freddie


                      REW Buck bred by ourselves born March 07

                                      Parents Ariel & Wilbur

Freddie  has moved to pastures new,  We have had news that Freddie mated to another Chocolate Carrier has produced visuals for his new owner.

                                      Good old Freddie !!!

                                   Rossendales Caramac


                         Cinnamon Bred here at Tor View Born 08

                     Parents Rosie Malone & Rossendales Freddie

                    Caramac is also leaving us at the end of March



                  Opal Butterfly bred by Mona Cawdron Dec 06



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