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Late 2009 Early 2010 I had a lady contact me for a Blue Buck Xanadoo. I had advertised Xanadoo for sale although he was a fantastic Buck he had developed a huge dewlap & would not sit up on the show table. On speaking to Alma it sounded the perfect home for him. Alma explained her daughters had exhibited Dwarf Lops a few years ago. Alma had obviously helped to care for these Rabbits, her main job being (like most mums ) main Taxi driver Lol. She went on to say that she had always wanted a French Lop of her own but there was never any room for one. 

A short while after Alma along with husband Keith came along to collect Xanadoo. Over the years we got to know Alma & Keith better & better. Keith was happy for Alma to take more Rabbits, so much so they have now had an extention built on there house just for Rabbits. I think the latest project on the way is coverting a corner in there garden to super runs.

It is brilliant for us If we feel we need to rehome an adult for some reason or other, a Doe that we no longer want to Breed from, or a Buck that is past his best on the Show Table. We know they will live a happy content life with Alma which makes parting with good old faithfulls so much easier.  

Below are pictures Alama has sent to us . We hope you enjoy has much has we do seeing them enjoying life to the full.

                          Thanks so much Alma & Keith xx

   We are always happy when we receive Photos from Alma.

                            Here are the latest ones Aug 2018.


           It's so refreshing to see them so happy in retirement 


       Bonnie & Dawn

         Litter sisters

Happily Back together


Retirement to  the full


     Enjoying time with

   Jamie Almas Grandson


                  Alma & Brads Lad August 2013

Arnold & Myself visited Alma early Aug 2013 It was a pleasure to see some of our old Boys & Girls. They all looked very happy & content you can see from the photo all the runs they have to play in. It makes parting with our old favourites so much easier knowing they are so well looked after.  

                               Thanyou so very much Alma


                               Alma's new extention

                             Almas Rabbits 2014

                      Alma & Keith's Grandson Theo with Sunbeam        


Here we have Duncan he's never still not quite sure how Alma managed to catch him lying down


                                      This is Titanium Relaxing







            This is Dillon He was an original Roland Moncaster Buck





Here are the latest pictures of some of our retired Bunnies enjoying there later years in the capable hands of our good friend Alma


                    Now can I remember how this catch works

Eliza joined her mum (Azalea) & her brother Xanadoo at Almas a while ago, we still have some of there off spring with us In fact we have a some smashing youngsers at the moment that go back to these 2 lovely big Does.


                          Jackson enjoying live to the full


                                       This is the life

                                    What can I do next ?



                          Xanadoo's mum


                    This is better than posing on a show table 



                                Mmm!! that looks interesting

                       Just give me a shout when it's tea time

                                 Brads Lad

                                     I wonder dare I ?

                                   Do you like my new friend ?



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