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The Rabbits pictured above  are an example of Rabbits we Breed  & are not for sale.  All available Rabbits are pictured below Please scroll down

Here at Tor View Lops, our main reason for Breeding our Rabbits is to produce future show stock. Once we have selected the ones we want to keep our selves the others will be offered for sale on this page. usually at around 8 /10 Wks.

 Some of the babies for sale will be suitable to show, if we deem them suitable for showing we will  ring them & supply a transfer paper for you to transfer with the British Rabbit council. Please remember a ring on a Rabbit does not ensure it will be a winner.

Most of them will be suitable for breeding & all will make excellent pets.

 French Lops make very good house Rabbits they are generally very easy to litter train. They will also live equally well out doors in  a large hutch, please remember they do grow to large adults so will need lots of space to exercise.

One Rabbit will live very well on it's own providing that it gets lots of human interaction. If you feel you would prefer to have 2 we advise that a Buck & Doe make the best pairing, The Buck would need to be castrated at an early age usually around 14/16 Wks. Cost vary from Vets, to Vets, so we suggest  making a few enquires.

People seem to believe that 2 sisters will  be fine together, in our experience we find this not to always be the case. Yes if you are lucky they will be fine but quite often that is not the case, & they will disagree if that happens both will need to be neutered or will have to be separated in to 2 hutches.

We have been fortunate to have our Rabbits go to all parts of the UK from the tip of Scotland to the Southern parts of England & Wales. We have also had Rabbits go to Ireland, Guernsey, & The Isle of Man. We also have had lots of interest from parts of Europe.

We are always Happy to help new Breeders, Exhibitors in to the Hobby.


We do reserve the right to refuse a sale if not totally happy with the situation.

We do not allow any of our Rabbits to travel via a courier. we prefer them to be collected in person, or if we are travelling to a show near to your location collection can be arranged from the venue of the show.

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