Rossendale Stud 

Home to many Double Supreme Champions
 Award winning French Lops 
  Est. 2003

       Tor View Lops               

How we started with the Rabbits

Our rabbit journey started in 2003 when Helen left home for University. Having always had a busy life it felt strange just Arnold & I. We bought some Rabbits for Rebecca from Clitheroe Auction for her birthday. They where 2 Brown Grey Dutch called Fizz & Izles. Me being me wanted to get a Buck to Breed them ,Adele said no if I wanted to Breed I had to get my own. I didn't need telling twice. Along came our 1st Rabbits a pair of very pretty Dwarf Lops called Poppy & Daisy & a Buck called Marlon that actually turned out to be a cross Dwarf & Lion head.

We had a couple of litters. while they were very pretty babies with funny ears & sold very well for pets we soon realised this was not wanted to do. I had seen a lovely big Rabbit I liked very much It was a French Lop. Arnold was not so keen he eventually agreed OK just 1 that was Mildred.