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Summer 2010

After a lot of careful thought ,we decided we needed to re organise our set up.We only had 1 shed which is what I use for a nursery.We converted our Greenhouse last year into another shed,.but we still had to many Hutches outside. After the wet summer last year we thought it couldn't happen again. but surprise surprise it has done nothing but rain day after day.

We decided we liked our other Shed so much we would go back to the same place. Bryan Norris Sheds in armed with a sketch of exactly what we wanted of we went.They where excellent to deal with understanding just what we needed even down to the last detail. We have waited a while for this so it had to be just right.

We had to clear everything out of the way, anyone who has visited us will know that was no mean fete. The poor Greenhouse had to go.(no time for growing tomatoes these days.)There where Hutches everywhere the poor Rabbits didn't know where they where going to wake up next.

                                   Hutches!! Hutches !! every where


                                 A Clear space at last


   It's arrived OH my God !! so many pieces will they Fit together?


                           About 3 hours later yes it does



The Hutches we had made previosly for the Greehouse/ Shed, have fitted nicely in the new one. Now every spare moment we have is spent in the Garage Building new ones. We hope to have most of our Rabbits inside before the winter sets in.


WOW.  at long last after 5  months, we have finally finished all the Hutches for the new shed.We have sorted out temporary lighting for now. Eventually we will have permanant lighting,fans, & insect repellants. As you can see on the pics, we have arranged the hutches in 4 lines. That is why there are 2 doors. in the bottom half we have all our show Bucks, & in the top half we have our Does. 



This is the top half.(The Girls Shed ) mostly 3ft hutches for the Minis, the 2 on the bottom right are 6ft hutches for the French, they are also higher. On the left I have my grooming table.


This is the bottom half.(The Boys Shed) on the left the first block are for Minis, all the rest are 4ft x 2ft x 2ft.For the big Boys !!

          They all seem to have settled well into there new homes.

This is my old shed which I use for Does that are due to litter, It is close to the back door & I can see most of the hutches from the Kitchen window.


The Hutches straight facing & the ones on the right are 6ft  x 2ft for the French.On the left they are 4ft x 1ft 6inches for the Minis


    New Hutches  Built 2011 for our new arrivals. 4 ft x2ft x 2ft

We have always used movable runs for the Rabbits to exercise in, In the future we are going to build permanent runs.Hopefully they will be ready in time for the better weather.


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