Rossendale Stud 

Home to many Double Supreme Champions
 Award winning French Lops 
  Est. 2003

       Tor View Lops               

Here are a few Does that have played a huge part in making Rossendale Stud what it is today

Some have now passed away  but all had a part to play.

Thanks girls x

Please bear with me while I up date this page with more history on these old stelwarts.


Bred by Mona Cawdron 2006

Good old Monica is the back bone of our Stud. over the years she has bred several litters for us, you could always guarantee there would be a little Cracker in there. She was mum to Minataur, Melody, Carrys, Magnum, Grandmother to Siera the list goes on & on. She was always at her best when she had a litter with her.

Monica sadly passed away 21st September 2011

Rosie Malone

Rosie Malone was bred by Tina Lluka 2005

Like Monica she also played a big part in our plans in the early days.

Rosie Malone spent her last few years living  happily has a pet

Rossendales Grace

Grace was a lovely Doe. Going back to her breeding has helped us bring Chins back to Rossendale Stud in 2015 with our young Buck Dalton

Rossendales Millicent

Millicent born here at Tor View. Also produced some excellent off spring

Rossendale's Melody                 Rossendale's Siera

Melody was born here daughter to Monica & Bradley litter sister to Minataur, Mum to Lamborghini, & Sierra. Grandmother to several of our best Bucks. she spent her retirement with Alma.

Sierra is Melodys daughter, she is mum to our 2 Agouti Bucks Sunbeam & Rapier & a lovely Doe Mondeo. Sadly Sierra passed away while still young.

Rossendales Eliza & Rossendales Artizan


Rossendales Aztec

Rossendales Chantelle

Rossendales Carrys

          Rossendale's Jettison, Jac, Jill, & Ariandi 

Jettison is Daughter to Our Steel Buck Graphite (Best Lop Bradford 2013)  Jac & Jill where her daughters. Jill is Mum to out Double Supreme Champion Troy. pictured below is her Grand Daughter Ariandi

          Rossendale's Freya, & Almera Litter sisters

Rossendale's Lottie mum, Charlie Daughter, & Lottie 2 Grand Daughter

      Rossendale's Ariel       Rossendale's Nutmeg      Rossendale's Nigella

                                                               Bred from

       Lottie 2 Black Butterfly & Rossendale's Double Supreme Champion Troy


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