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Rossendale Mini Lops

Rossendales Hob nob Best in Show May 2009

We started to keep Mini Lops here at Tor View in the early years of our Rabbit journey.

Although the French Lop are & always will be our main Breed. We do enjoy having  Minis here & we do like to take them out to show.

We have had several colours over the years the main colours have always been Sooty Fawn, Beige, Agoutis. more recently we have added Steels.

We have always been working with Blue Eyed White Mini Lops, we have a separate page for more about them why not take a look on there.

Blue Eyed White Mini Lops

During 2010 / 2013 we took a step back from the coloured Mini Lops during this time our son Jason & Daughter in Law Lorraine (Bury Bank Lops) had them they did show them & did very well with them. Here is our Grandson with his 1st Rabbit Baxter.

                             Our Grandson Aidan                 

                                       News 2017

                           Here at Tor View Lops

          We have Bred some very nice Baby Rew's

                     I will Up date photos very soon

When Jason &  Lorraine had to give up Breeding & Showing there Rabbits due to work commitments a few of them came back here. During the years they kept them they had introduced Steels in to there lines ,something we had not had before. So we decided it would be nice to carry on there work with them. Also we brought the Sooty Fawns Home.

Bury Banks Rifle ( Steel Buck)

This is the Steel Buck we brought home. He is a lovely friendly Buck, we have had a few litters from him we are hoping we will have something to show from him before very long.

Rifle is now retired with Alma

                                 Rossendale's Sandra

               Rossendales Keith 

                   Agouti Buck 

 Bred from a Rew Doe that came      

           from Jason & Lorraine


              Spanner Sire Rifle  

Keith is proving to be  a very useful Buck having fathered some lovely youngsters.

             Rossendale's Trent

                    Steel Buck

     Trent is bred from San & Rifle

He has been a little monkey to get to sit. I think he may have got the feel of it now.


So we will see what he can do at the shows this Summer.

           Bury Banks Blossom                                      Bury Banks Chip 

                                                      Sooty Fawns

We have had a lovely litter from these 2 that produced us 2 rather nice Does. Bonnie & Dawn,that have now gone on to have litters themselves. Producing us a lovely Sooty Fawn Doe Rosie & a handsome young Buck called Hugh.

                  Meet Splinter

We  have been looking for a Sooty Fawn Butterfly, for a long time to add to our lines. we came across this young man advertised for sale at a show. He is just what we wanted he can't be shown himself due to his putty nose but we love him. Rossendale's Oscar below is his son the 1st of many we hope.

           Rossendale's Bonnie

               Bred 2014 from


           Bury Banks Blossom


              Bury Banks Chip

        We also have her litter sister

             Rossendale's Dawn


            Rossendale's Oscar

  Born Early January 2016 from

  Rossendale's Bonnie & Splinter

        Rossendale's Sophie

Bred from Rossendale's Bonnie & Splinter

                  Late 2016

She as just had her 1st litter a lovely Beige & Sooty Fawn Both Does.

Both will stay here to help with future Breeding

          Rossendale's Rosie


Rosie has just produced her 1st litter here at Tor View she gave birth to lovely litter of 5 Sooty Fawns .

One of her sons will stay here he is yet to be named.


               Rossendale's Clyde  

      Bred 2016 from Rosie & Alex


This little man is only small, He had been to a few shows as an u/5. Needs to grow a bit now to compete with the big boys.

                                                     J.M. Agouti Buck 

This little man is an outstanding Buck. We have used him in our Bew Breeding with good results.

Along with an Agouti Doe Kim we have produced a cracking little Rew Buck named Kevin, pictured below.

       Rossendale's Kevin

             Born 2015

         From JM & kim

This young man did excellent when shown U/5 several Best U/5 Challenges. His last show Dec.2015 He was Best in Show at the Northern Lop YSS.

He will stay at home now for a while to mature.

     These two Does are daughters  of  Rossendale's Kevin. Born 2016

        Rossendale's Sammie                               Rossendale's Katy

Here we have our Rossendales Daisy (Blue Doe)

We had a mating from our Grandsons Rew Buck Dubbs & produced a little Sooty Doe we named Fudge. We mated Fudge to Chip & have now got a lovely chunky little Sooty Buck. Rossendale's Alex, we took him to his 1st show age 13 Wks. He won the CC beating 2 Adults & another U/5.

The little Beige Doe is  Rossendale's Tilly she is also bred from Fudge & Chip

Rossendales Fudge

 Rossendales Tilly                               Rossendales Alex

                                                     Rossendale's Todd                                


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