Rossendale Stud 

Home to many Double Supreme Champions
 Award winning French Lops 
  Est. 2003

       Tor View Lops               

   Terms of Sale 

 First of all let us point out this is our hobby not a business. All our Rabbits are much Loved pets. Our main reason for Breeding our Rabbits is to Improve our show stock, when we have decided what we want to keep we will offer the remainder for sale. Any money from these sales goes towards the up keep of our Rabbits ie Food , Hay. bedding treats etc.

  We will advice on suitability of any Rabbit we offer for sale. ie Show, Breed, Pet If we consider a youngster suitable to show, we will provide a Brc ring & a transfer card Free of charge. ( please remember a ring on a Rabbit does not mean it will be a winner)

Babies are usually sexed at 4 wks. of age. They stay with mum ( Mini Lops) until 6wks. ( French Lops) 8wks. They then spend a couple of wks. living with there litter mates,once we have decided which we want to keep. usually not until they are ready to leave  (Minis 8 wks French 10 wks.)they will be advertised on the appropriate page.

 No baby will leave our care until we are 100% satisfied they are strong enough, they will take  with them enough food to help them settle in to there new home. We are always here to offer any advice we can. It is important to take things slowly the 1st few days while you & your new baby get used to each other

. Sometimes we may offer Adult Stock for sale ,again we will state suitability

We will not sell to any one under the age of sixteen unless accompanied with a responsible adult  ( parent or guardian)

When considering purchasing a new Rabbit please remember it is a commitment for a good few years. It is not a toy to be discarded  with when bored. It is a living creature that needs love & attention everyday, rain or shine.

We reserve the right to refuse a sale if we are not happy with the situation 

We do not Breed our Rabbits at Christmas or Easter 

We hope you respect our decision 

                             Thank you                                                                                   


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